What is Common Sense?
The ability to earn Respect


Learn how to teach Common Sense
to Share Respect


We learn to consistently express common sense through a variety of experiences. Most commonly from our parents and many thousands of learning events over your entire childhood, and continuing into your adult life for over 20 years. Common Sense can obviously be taught, but how can the process be accelerated so it can be usefully taught in a shorter time in schools, in the workplace, and at home?.Schools in-general and Employers in the workplace, do NOT understand what common sense is.  Schools are incapable of teaching children skills of Common Sense needed, before peer pressure deceives them into becoming drug addicts. Employers cannot help struggling employees, before they get fired. Groups not understanding the foundations of Common Sense, and related shared Respect; unwillingly allow Corruption to infiltrate and destroys group passion in serving Group purposes. Members of Organizations who do not understand the foundations of Common Sense cannot recognize Corruption and their related opportunities are stolen from them; they feel powerless and allow for sustained harm to the organization.

GuidePost provides copyrighted resources to learn to Teach Common Sense, and how to identify and convert corruption in business, into a passion-centered productive corporate culture.

Your Resources related to Teaching Common Sense and/or learning how to convert sustained corruption:

  • Learn by Teaching Yourself how to teach Common Sense
    • One training method is posted here online for free
      • Transcribing is a good way to learn
      • Or, if pressed for time,¬†downloaded here
    • Most people prefer to participate in hands-on practice
  • Services
    • To work with your specific needs and design Educational Materials to integrate into the administrative structure
      • of school programs, or
      • of your business, club, non-profit…
    • Administrative hierarchy and processes are different for each organization, so no Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, or Operations Manual examples are provided here
      • Techniques for converting corrupt administration into a passion-centered corporate culture requires careful examination of the systems the corrupt have used to entrench themselves