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Each post/article/treatise is intended to guide personal discovery, to incite passion, and help you save humanity by becoming a teacher of common sense. When you understand the tools, you can teach them to teachers, administrators, and politicians.

Without broad efforts to teach everyone how to teach common sense, and eliminate corruption, space/time physics will be used to create weapons to oppress humanity for self-serving intents. A few will reap trivial benefits at the expense of the masses, instead of broadly generating freely creative incremental developments, that evolve products, tools, and capabilities beyond the capacity of the human mind to presently envision.

Humans evolved around 4.7 billion years after the forming of the Earth. The Universe is more than 13.7 billion years old with many hundreds of billions of habitable planets having formed before the Earth. Likely, there are civilizations billions of years more technologically advanced than we are; while masses of humanity still believe the Universe is only 6,000 years old. If older civilizations provide us the freedom to explore space/time physics research, will we be allowed to manipulate space/time physics safely, to accidentally or intentionally harm others in the universe, or will we be prevented from demonstrating our stupidity (lack of Common Sense)?

Spawning Universes

Manipulating space/time for trivial tools like a warp drive for interstellar travel, will lead to more useful developments. However, historically it has always been far easier for humans to build mechanisms to destroy. Part of human nature is to take the short path, to react to poor choices instead of taking the time and effort to anticipate outcomes.  Destruction is far easier to mechanize and implement than sustainable construction. Therefore, most likely weapons will be first developed, due to a lack of administrative and representative common sense.

Only one space/time weapon is needed to enslave or destroy all of humanity.  Part of providing sustainability is “maximizing the sustainable diversity of life and culture; inclusive of new evolved life”. This is how plague is naturally kept in check to avoid global extinction.

We cannot eliminate space/time physics research, because manipulating space/time physics is necessary to avert already cited global extinction events in our future. Broad use of Common Sense and the elimination of corruption (State elected ethically qualified and verified Representation managing the NSA) are necessary to first build sustainable constructive developments, and eliminate space/time weapon effectiveness before they are built; proactive instead of reactive.

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