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Building Universes

Relativity from Quantum Causality  

functioned Quantum Entangled Singularities – QES or QESdunn

Edition 3 written for Government Grant Agents, Political Representatives,
and Activists interested in pushing for related economic developments,

and to understand the foundations and pathway for implementation.


Edition 4 (available here) is in-process of being written to
create a computer simulation

of Relativity based upon the premises considered.

Currently these are captured moments of inspiration and mind mappings.


Previous Versions of Development can be obtained from: Building Universes  Building Universes

Currently previous versions have been removed and the book is a duplicate of the above.


Significant updates were incorporated in each subsequent edition

Foudational concepts are usually only present in previous editions


supports Higgs Field Theory & Higgs Boson Modeling as a dimensional space


Copyright 2012 James Dunn

original works first published January 3, 2012
updated here February 24, 2013

Information provided here is out of date as compared with current developments.  New updates are incorporated without notice.


Building Universes
relativity from quantum causality


Quantum Entangled


Computational Modeling of Relativity

4th Edition, December 12, 2012


James Dunn


© Copyright James Dunn 2012


All context and textual parts of the book are part of copyright James Dunn 2012.  All rights reserved.
No portion of this publication shall be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted
to any form or by any means, electronic or otherwise, without the prior permission of copyright holder.


Subsequent development of:


 Controlling Space & Time – 1st and 2nd editions out of print


Building Universes – 3rd ed. Foundation & Implementation

  • ISBN-10: 1300107227
  • ISBN-13: 978-1300107224


Published by University Alliance Press



“As reality slips into and out of existence,
I am grateful and loving of my wife.  Eternally Yours.


Beautiful is Faith, evolving the first step of every journey.  The lazy mind spawns Unconditional Faith to avoid the journey; willful self-deception and the greatest evil because it preys on the troubled soul.  The great purpose of Faith is to evolve or be destroyed by Truth.
The purpose of science is to propose a viable model that is testable, and then continuously attempt to disprove it.  Having whole-heartedly failed to disprove a testable model, only then is it considered a potential path that may lead to Truth. 

      James Dunn

The purpose of engineering is to productively use prior relationships and outcomes

 and evolve innovative utility of those foundations to create new useful outcomes.  Engineering predicts the future through Result Management; facilitated by ethical environments.  Engineering is not based in truth; it is based in useful relativity.
This book outlines the broad effort depending on every person to support development and governance of tools to control time and space.  The most important professions are not  physicists and engineers; they are you the business person, educator, politician, religious leader,… self-employed, laborer, … voting voice. 
About the Author
James Dunn is an Electrical Engineer experienced in design and programming of automation and industrial controls, electronic hardware design, business development, and involved with coursework and laboratory development.
An associate asked “What is Nothing?” and so began a quest to create the tools to manipulate space-time.
Patents Disclosed:
Automation of BIT and Reliability Analysis
High G/Impact Inclinometer
High Output Light Source
Mentor Graphics Analysis Tools
MEMS module for characterizing quantum entanglement
“Practical Method of Predicting the Future” – Generating Opportunity
“Engage – Project Management System”
“Controlling Time and Space – Ed 1: Pathway to Development”
“Controlling Time and Space – Ed 2: Quantum Entanglement Systems”
“Building Universes – Ed 3: Relativity from Quantum Causality”
“Building Universes – Ed 4: Computational Modeling of Relativity
… and others
Activist Activities:
Eliminate ALL Corruption – structured change to stop illegal allocation
Global Weather Control System – steerable satellite shade structures
Interns in Industry – promoting individuals throughout career lifecycles
Rural Economic Development – providing income and representation in rural areas


Read carefully, ANY one “contradiction” may invalidate QES. 
1)    foundation of General Relativity
2)    concepts for experimental designs to characterize quantum causality
3)    resources for building apparatus to isolate relativity from particle physics experiments
4)    the experimental pathway that leads to the control/creation of space-time
5)    a national business plan supporting accelerated and focused development
6)    existing grants available for implementing experimental research
7)    the ethical structure that will need to be implemented to prevent abuse
8)    concepts for scalar tools to control time and space
9)    global Weather Control System using present technologies to stave off melting of the
       Methane Permafrost and coastal flooding until tools to control space-time are developed

Table of Contents

Foreword  2
Highlights  4
Table of Contents  5
Table of Figures  8
Abstract  10
Introduction  12
  The Urgent Need for Verification of QES Validity14
  Intents of the QES model15
Modeling Instantaneous Properties in Physics  23
The Foundation of Constrained relativity  25
  Describing the foundations of Relativity  29
Connecting Quantum Entanglement to Space/Time  37
  Expanded Considerations  41
    There are three different pathways for gravity to be represented in terms of relativity, and
   any one relative to string theory provides a mathematic method of approximating all relativistic physics. 44
Properties of Space/Time in an Entangled Environment  47
Particle Accelerator/Collider/… Experiments  53
  Transposing Models in Particle Physics to Quantum Entangled Systems. 55
Correlating QESdunn with Previously Posed Models  58
  A Relativistic Perspective of Non-Relativity  58
  Correlating QES with “Particles Here and Beyond the Mirror”   59
  Hilbert Book Model75
Concepts for Experimentation  77
  Experimental Considerations for Angular Acceleration  81
  The intent is to identify “causal” differences by determining differences in outcomes.. 87
  Experimental Considerations for Entropy88
Getting Existential89
  Website to Voice Your Insights  92
  Moments of Inspiration  92
The Business Plan: Shortest Pathway for Development   94
  Unaddressed Societal Challenges  95
  Mapping to Administrative Guidance  98
     Department of Education  99
     Department of Commerce100
     Global Extinction Events  101
     DARPA QUEST  101
     National Science Foundation  102
  Justifies Government Attention  103
  Essentials for TIP Funding  105
Ethical Structure Ultimatum   107
  Impending Margin of Urgency  109
Eliminating ALL Corruption: Illegal Allocation  Outcomes of Racketeering and Treason  111
  Current Practical Method of Predicting the Future  116
  Eliminating ALL Corruption  116
  Common Sense can be Taught120
  Result Management121
  History of Corruption caused by the Political Structure  122
Global Weather Control System   144
Supporting Credits  154
Bibliography  155
  Additional Supporting Literature  158
Addendum:  Pathway of Experimental Outcomes leading to Control of Space and Time. 159
Glossary  167
Index  175
Final Thoughts  181

Table of Figures

Figure 1: When we see, what do we really see? [21]9
Figure 2: Fractal Parrot (fractals are causal systems) [22]11
Figure 3: Fractal Brocolli [23]24
Figure 4: Fractal Tree [24]28
Figure 5: Image of aliased relationships (Relativity) in a fractal environment; Aliased 2D Graphics [11],[3]34
Figure 6: Non-realistic depiction of quantum causality systems35
Figure 7: Depiction of scaling connectedness [20]36
Figure 8: Experimental device for characterizing quantum entanglement in relation to Relativistic physics85
Figure 9: Graphic Representation of Particle Physics High Energy Interactions52
Figure 10: Global Weather can be Controlled [25]110
Figure 11: Current Practical Method of Predicting the Future  119
Figure 12: Simplified Result Management worksheet122
Figure 13: Factors that drive up Corruption  143
Figure 14: Fractal of Cavern in a World of Global Extinction  152

See book Preview: Picture of clouds forming shape of question mark


Figure 1: When we see, what do we really see? [21]


Recognized is the “potential” need of a universally present cognitive control function that is part of every atom to keep non-relativistic singularities aligned, to prevent long term drifting of physics constants.  Do not use my assertions out of context to cause fighting, wars, and elitist preference.  The cognitive control function if present provides sustained harmony.  A non-uniform sphere needs an almost infinite number of planes of perspective through the sphere to accurately describe it.  Do NOT allude that you “understand” the intents of this cognitive control function; our insights are petty, trivial, and “never” are inclusive of all perspectives.



A model of Relativity is produced as an aliased environment of perceptron’s that evolve from systems of quantum causal connectedness.  The nature of our Universe is initially unimportant regarding developments, and is only used for inspirations to develop related complexities associated with relativity.  Correlation with other physicist developments is provided to help provide objectivity. The proposed building of a universe is not meant to be a cloned model of our universe, but rather a scalar system of quantum causality that demonstrates the “creation” of a system supporting evolving relativity.  As discussed, this later may be used as a tool to interact with the scalar connectedness of our universe; manipulating space-time.
A strategic plan of experimental developments leading to the manipulation of space-time is updated in each edition to evolve efforts in a direction of useful development.
A national business model is outlined to scale organized support and development by unutilized /unemployed physicists; and an ethical structure eliminates technological abuse.
A global Weather Control System is detailed to avert near term coastal flooding and global extinction events during QES developments; previously submitted to NASA.

Figure 2: Fractal Parrot [22]

Fractals are causal systems, and observation relative to evolving perceptions creates a static system of relativity; whose values, as systems of magnitude assertions, evolve relative to systems of experience.  The parrot is a 2D representation of what we perceived to be parrot-like.  So too are perceptions in physics and mathematics.
This basic repeating structure of fractal relationships can be observed throughout physics.  Most literate peoples can do basic mathematics; but very few question why the relationships exist.  Can simple mathematics be alternatively invalid in other dimensional spaces?  The differential deductions used to deduce the fundamental nature of our dimensional space.



“What Are YOU?”

Any total system that evolves intelligence which is uniquely connected by perceptions and causal implicates, is a universe within itself; but may be part of a larger seemingly unconnected system.
Connectedness by causal connection between a unique system and any other unique frame of reference creates a blending into one common universe.
This is the crude principle for creating tools to create and manipulate space and time. 
People are opportunists; it is our nature.  A good thing in an ethical environment; the foundation for innovation.  However, in a self-serving environment of illegal allocation, these people have no concern for their children or anything after they die; this is what living corruptly does to a person.
See Predicting_the_Future


Fig. 1: Experimental device for characterizing quantum entanglement in relation to Relativistic physics
Isolation of relativity involving angular acceleration


Global Mass Extinction Events

Why risk the effort that self-serving criminal human opportunists will abuse the technologies and potentially destroy some portion of our galaxy?  The Earth is historically 60,000 years overdue for a Global Mass Extinction Event.  With diminished ozone layer and a near-region Supernova, all plantlife dies; we die.  Melting of the Methane Perma-frost from just a warming of a few degrees causes atmospheric poisoning; we die.  A passing comet dislodges a large asteroid from orbit, or a mining mission results in a depressed worker who aims an asteroid at the Earth to fight against a corrupt influence.  Global Mass Extinction Events are coming, and we have no tools to effectively protect ourselves against them.

Phase 1 Development

Development has progressed to the point of commercialization, and original experimental research.  The next volume will involve experimentally derived relationships intended to support the foundation and pathway of implementation developed.  Cited in the book is the pathway for development which includes both political structure development to support the necessary ethics for controlling time and space, but also the experimental outcomes pathway for developing tools to control and create space-time; the building of universes.
The Beta version of the next edition is an unorganized compilation of current developments.  The content is not polished in any way.
But the 4th edition in which Relativity is intended to be modeled, will not have any of the code provided.  Until such time that a method of eliminating all corruption is put in-place and it evolves to provide increasing freedoms and concurrently greater security, only an overview of my efforts will be provided.
The Government is already monitoring most everything we do; what I demand is that “elected doctors of science” from every State, who have no special interest affiliations as periodically proven by lie detection, actively develop and manage the NSA monitoring technologies and their implementations in sub-directorates.  Identify corruption at every level, provide an opportunity for restitution, and failing to adequately compensate for their actions, inform both the public and authorities of the corrupt activities and who are involved.  Only when those involved with illegal allocation and related crimes provide restitution, or are incarcerated, will I make public my critical developments.
Development requires an undistracted mind.  Constantly thinking about the potential abuse of developments and sequestering details, detracts from productive effort.

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Book Release

Building Universes using Extreme Relativity
Third Edition – Foundation & Implementation
Author: James Dunn

Make requests at and other book sellers
ISBN: 9781300104407 (hardcover w/ Black&White pages)

ISBN: 9781300107224 (paperback w/ Full Color Pages)

Hardcover w/ Full Color pages,  or
Paperback w/ Black&White pages, from

Also available: Engage Project Management Manual

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