Selling your Lesson Plans is seeking lesson plans and other educational materials, that educators have developed.  Though subject matter can be diverse, common sense principles must be woven within those educational materials.
Team-Projects, and Project-based Learning are closely related.
Commission schedule on every purchase:

  • Educational Materials Developer (30% of each purchase)
    • A mutually signed Agreement is required before marketing
  • Referral / Affiliate / Retailer (30% of each purchase)
    • No commercial use based on copyright materials is allowed
  • Marketing (30% of each purchase)
  • overhead (10% of each purchase)

Where the Materials Developer also subsequently sells their product through the website, they will receive 60% of the total purchase price.  The Developer and Affiliate portions.
A unique Affiliate number is issued to each buyer, and when that number is included with a purchase, commission payment is made to that purchaser’s account.
Contact us for questions related to Agreement details.