Giganet Web Hosting – Low Cost, Good Service

A few people have a cause they feel passionate about.  Cost and Trust are important factors in selecting a web hosting service.  So far, the least expensive and most reliable hosting service used, has been:
As little as $1 per month.  But for most people that want to blog, it is $2.50 a month and they provide ready-built software for your use.
This is not to say there hasn’t been a learning curve, or that there is never a problem to be solved.  But so far, their service staff has been effective.  Though a little slow, they were able to get things going without much of a headache.  We’re talking about a pretty complex set of software, when you start discussing servers; so I appreciate their expertise.
Hint: Make sure to write down URL address, usernames, and passwords.  Not just for access, but to get around in what you create.

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