Respect Builds a Foundation for Growth

No one ever is “Given” Respect, we are only offered an opportunity to Earn Respect.  Our mannerisms, reputation, body language, hygiene, and language skills all together shape a person’s risk assessment in offering us significant low-risk opportunities, using some of their under-utilized resources for mutual intended benefit, …to earn conveyed trust, …to earn Respect.

Training the mind through diverse learning exercises, repetitive brain building experiences, builds the ability to, seemingly effortlessly, efficiently learn diverse knowledge and skills.  Becoming an expert requires learning and finding subject related mentors.

Everyone is a mentor at some point.  Some are needed in a particular situation more than others.

Before finding a mentor,, first the the “subject of interest” basic jargon (subject related words, phrases, and relationships) must be self-taught so that engaging a potential mentor does not waste their time.  Personal time is a valuable resource.  Mentors evaluate potential risks before and during engagement to help others.

Examples of resources risked include:

  • their personal time
  • opportunities that others might better engage
  • how their reputation might benefit or be harmed
  • the impact of a lack of common sense coupled with gaps in knowledge and skills
  • the likelihood of interactions diversely contributing or hindering personal involvement in sustained growth
  • as well as money, positions, and other physical resources.

Respect often opens doors to opportunities, as Disdain closes doors.

Significant opportunities include dating, employment, creating and maintaining business relationships, and everything typically related to success.

Building significant resources and related access to new more significant opportunities.  Things that contribute to sustained growth.


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