Symbology of GuidePost logo

The logo is intended to represent the broad, useful, and consistent expression of Common Sense.


  • The flames are Arabic (like the numbers we use daily), and represents the logical nature of the Universe.
  • The colors of the flames represent the diversity of life, and the diversity of culture; together contributing to a rich environment to grow diverse opportunities.
  • The flames open upward, to symbolize security and freedom in mutual harmony.
  • The two tail flames extending downwards represents the tapping into of under-utilized resources, and generating additional under-utilized resources; sustained growth in diversity of life, and diversity of culture.
  • Fully utilized resources are not available for feeding the flames, which tends to kill the flames and deter growth; why corruption kills economic development; resources are squandered as a few benefit at the expense of the many.
  • The feather represents the ever-present need to teach ourselves to be useful in our Universe.  To be useful is to provide for sustained support of diversity of life; to keep plague-like conditions under control.  To consistently express Common Sense.
  • The colors of the feather harmonize with the colors of the flames, where the diverse subjects learned support the building of additional flames, and a secondary ethereal floating flame ascends. A secondary flame that represents passion.
  • The secondary flame represents optimized Useful Outcomes from Common Sense being broadly and consistently expressed.  A secondary flame of results that do not exist when passion is extinguished.
  • Passion in serving an organization mission, is broadly extinguished when corruption infiltrates an organization.  Learning to support the mission stops, because rewards are based on loyalties instead of competent support of the organization mission.  The secondary flame is extinguished, and the organization overall, suffers.

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