Fighting Corruption at the National Level

Fighting Corruption on a National Level

To suppress corruption and encourage growth in support of the organization mission, one must first define corruption in action-based terms. To fight corruption within your organization, consider what it takes to fight corruption at the Federal level of government.
Both a Top/Down method of equitable automated monitoring (currently provided by NSA), and public dissemination of notifications with the least harm (not currently done) are required to detect and act toward stopping corruption before it can become entrenched, and mediate anti-corruption efforts of entrenched corruption.
At the same time, the broad Teaching of Common Sense provides a Bottom/Up method to fight corruption, so that individuals everywhere are able to plan for and predict useful outcomes for themselves; so that they can individually become part of national economic prosperity.
Most people when asked, including faculty, can not define corruption. Without an actionable definition, corruption can not be discussed with broadly useful actionable outcomes.
Action-Oriented Dictionary Definitions needed to fight corruption globally
(in-general, to include mafia)
(specific to organization mission)
Treason can be with respect to localized organizations, or nationally. In a perfect ethical society, treason at any level indirectly is treason at the national level. However, because of the complexity of individual health, logical, emotional, and social systems throughout society, treason within an organization does not mean that treason at the national level is necessarily implicated.
MAFIA = A social group that imposes selective ethics for different classes of its members, and excludes intentional ethical treatment of non-members
GOVERNMENT / ADMINISTRATION = A formalized structure not dependent upon whom occupies positions in office, whereby the structure largely determines the day to day operations, and interfacing social groups evolve local mechanisms of who benefits at whom’s expense, based on the ethical consistency imposed by the structure (Constitution, Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Operations Manual, Process Forms and other structure based mechanisms)
One should determine if what they want to engage is a Government, or a Mafia. The method of successful participation strongly depends upon which structure is being used. In a mafia, loyalty and seniority have priority over organization benefit (corruption), and are held in higher regard than competence.  By preference, incompetent are selected in roles of leadership that ensures their role as “Yes Men”. In government, competence and competent productivity are held in priority over corruption.  However, mafia are often embedded within government.
“Empire Building” is the unethical and/or illegal allocation of resources and/or opportunities to be less productive to reward loyalty of followers, to entrench corrupt leadership, and diminish productivity for, and diminish value potentials of the organization.
ANY “Empire Building” done within a government is an act of forming a Mafia, is Racketeering, and is Treason.
“Team Building” is the ethical allocation of resources and/or opportunities to create systems of control to promote productivity and increase value of the organization.
Society collectively makes laws to be universally applied to everyone; to include corporations (a legal living entity). The lack of consistency in applying the laws is where corruption thrives. Politicians create empires where they protect themselves and cohorts from having law of the land enforced. Back-door secret negotiations prevent detection of their corrupt activities; and “We the People” suffer the burden of their personal agendas. Treason is detected by the NSA; but not acted upon. The doctors and engineers that created the technologies to eliminate corruption, are precluded from consistently applying the use of their developments, and monitoring for broadly considered unethical activities.
Individuals give money as a form of influence. If an individual does not believe their voice is heard, they will not contribute money to Representation. By creating ethical Representation, money is contributed as a charitable donation to further ethical Representation, not as a form of corruption. More people contributing to ethical Representation translates to the government providing broader opportunities (connections between all peoples). This act leverages under-utilized resources for broad ethical developments, which makes available even more resources and related opportunities for development. These increased cash flows provide sustainable growth for our Representatives.

  • Teaching Common Sense as a National Agenda
  • A Human Resources tool for Helping to Stop Organization Internal Corruption
  • Practical Method to Eliminate ALL Corruption
  • How Corruption Depresses broad Economic Opportunities
  • Is being Opportunistic bad or unethical?
  • What makes being opportunistic bad or unethical?
  • What is Corruption?
  • What is Racketeering?
  • What is Treason?
  • What is the difference between Corruption and Being Opportunistic?
  • What makes an opportunity illegal/criminal?
  • So the “Structure” of Government and Corporations support sustainability of Corruption?
  • Does the public have any absolute privacy in reality?
  • Can the Government use the information they collect to hurt us as individuals?
  • Practical Method of Predicting the Future:
  • Letter to be Sent to Your Activists and Representatives
  • More Details for Fighting Illegal Allocation
  • Taking action to eliminate corruption in your organization now
  • Be an Activist and Copy this to Everyone – email, Facebook, groups …
  • Copy this to eMail, Twitter, Facebook, and every other social media

Teaching Common Sense as a National Agenda

Teach Common Sense in ALL school systems, applied in every class, pieces taught from entering school at 5 years old and continue in every course to include professional level training courses.
Incidentally, ONLY Doctors, Engineers, Scientists, Lawyers, Teacher and every other professional must have a strong command of Common Sense, or they tend to be negligent.
Professional outcomes for professionals without Common Sense:

  • Doctors make unsupported diagnoses and harms the patient
  • Engineers make unsupported decisions and harms the project and causes more expensive projects
  • Scientists are unable to learn from experimental research
  • Lawyers mis-represent their client and are unable to provide their client with a logical pathway and evaluate related risks
  • Teachers are unable to teach children Common Sense

Learning to teach Common Sense, extends to children learning to teach Common Sense.
This prepares the minds of children to be able to teach themselves the basics of anything to be considered (online search resources). As they age their skills provide them offerings of opportunities with increased significance and lower risks because they are more worthy of being trusted with complex relationships. Nationally, this means an enterprise-centered nation and a work force that is more skilled in enterprise and preserving social justice.
What Common Sense is
Method to Teach Common Sense
Many different Technologies are in development that will provide a small group of people the ability to control the lives of everyone, everywhere.
Who and what will control these small groups of people?  Governments, Mafia, Radicals … competent and passionate people expressing Common Sense … most likely, all of the above, unless everyone is taught Common Sense.
global Weather Control System – project recently funded by NASA
genetic breeding of food – currently reducing pathogen resistance
warping of space/time – many potential consequences
space-based mining – many potential economic controls and weapons
… this is just a sample of a much larger list
Guns are a method of keeping our leadership “aware” of consequences for acting to harm the interests of the peoples of the United States. Protected by the Constitution for this specific purpose, as well as to protect home and family. Gun violence is the abuse of guns. Gun violence is the symptom and abused by the media as an easier target than the problem of social injustice.
Part of social injustice is that children are not being taught common sense at home, and not having learned common sense themselves, they grow to have children of their own who have no potential to learn common sense. These children are condemned to live in an environment filled with drama, high risk or insignificant opportunities, and therefore social injustice is self-supported.

A Human Resources tool for Helping to Stop Organization Internal Corruption

An organization that supports corruption internally, wastes a great deal of their productivity assets that could otherwise be spent on generating useful returns on investments. Corruption harms personnel productivity and masks the causes of liable and destructive practices.
The following are a tool to help eliminate corruption internal to an organization:

Generalizing Fighting Corruption

Fighting Corruption is actionable when defined usefully.
When an Administrative Mafia is entrenched, the structure based processes they rely on for power must be in-general corrupted so their system of control falls apart; and then key members replaced by organization mission oriented staff.
The following frames conditions for an Ethical “Structure” to Eliminate ALL Illegal Allocations Globally
Why fight corruption? Corruption promotes real and perceived uncontrollable levels of risk that squelch passion to develop, deters broad investments, prevents optimal mission-centered growth, and initiates waste, fraud, and abuse of organization assets; i.e. minimizes sustainable prosperity, or even kills organizations. Perceived high risk causes micromanaging of assets and minimized cash flows (suffering economy); while otherwise, a corruption-free organization is perceived as low-risk and causes managing broad maximized cash flows (prosperity).

How to eliminate corruption nationally?

State elected doctors of science and philosophy with a history of documented ethical perspectives, in accordance with their State’s Constitution, and lacking unethical agenda as certified by lie detector test and investigation, from every State, shall collectively develop and administrate the implementation of the security technologies developed (National Security Agency – NSA) to ensure consistent application to all peoples and both declared corporations and undeclared coalitions, and act consistently to enforce a lack of illegal allocation globally.
However, a similar system can be set up within organizations to help eliminate corruption from infiltrating productive teams.
Department “elected” doctors of science and philosophy with a history of documented ethical perspectives, in accordance with their Department’s Operating Agreement, and lacking unethical agenda as certified by lie detector test and organization security investigation, from every Department, shall collectively develop and administrate the implementation of the security technologies developed (IT Department) to ensure consistent application to all employees and both declared offices and undeclared coalitions, and act consistently to enforce a lack of unethical allocation throughout the organization.
The following first describes the environment, and then the system is described with increasing detail.
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Part of Civil Rights is that Representation is free of Treason
Our present political structures in every nation rewards Political Representatives for actions based in Treason; intentionally weakening security to unethically/illegally allocate resources and/or opportunities, thus stifling broad economic development because of real and perceived investment risks.
The following relatively small change in political “structure” simultaneously maximizes Freedoms while ALSO maximizing Security; creating a premium investment environment for broad developments and economic affluence. Presently Freedoms are being taken to acquire greater security; Big Brother is currently unethically watching everything. By implanting ethical oversight and development into Big Brother we can convert the present corruptly influenced National Security directorates into Father Freedom and Mother Security; concurrently MAXIMIZING ethical Freedoms while MAXIMIZING Security. Do anything you want, but if it results in damages then without exception make restitution. Having been trained with Common Sense people will be able to avoid those activities requiring subsequent restitution.
Currently doctors of science and lesser degree engineers develop the technologies utilized by the National Security Agencies and their sub-directorates. But these developers have no administrative control over how these developed technologies are implemented. Where these individuals have many years of training within reinforced ethical environments (Universities), the persons implementing the technologies often have no more than high school educations and are highly susceptible to narrowly considered and illogical reasoning influencing their decisions regarding the implementation of these technologies and the use of the information collected.
Initial Proofs: None of the Illegal Allocation of National Resources by our Representatives is made public by our National Security Agencies. None of the Representatives engaged in illegal allocations of national resources are prosecuted by the judicial system. None of the Representatives unethically altering the legal system are prosecuted by the judicial system. None of the Representatives in the judicial system are prosecuted for lack of consistently applying the laws to everyone, to include corporations, and coalitions.
Broadly collecting private information in an enforced ethical environment is Constitutional; that is why courts convene. Our government investigation agencies currently collect broad information without ethical oversight of how that information is used; and it is used corruptly and persons committing treason are shielded from prosecution. This must change.
The below presented ethical system to eliminate all corruption is self-funded.
A study was done in Great Britain that showed several billion dollars are illegally allocated annually (mostly through judicial system manipulations and secret agreements with foreign corporations); the report cited potentially double-digits in billions of dollars in illegal allocation. Business people (investors) know of these illegal allocations and are aware of the related risks for their own investments being subverted (i.e. the stock market, mutual fund manipulations, corporations and government manipulating competition for personal gain… all to steal investor and government funds), and so Investors micro-manage their assets rather than develop cash-flows broadly.
The result is an “annual” loss in Great Britain of hundreds of billions of dollars in economic cash-flows; in addition to the double digit illegal allocation of resources.
Scale this to the US economy! Annually trillions of dollars in cash-flows are suppressed. The present suffering economy is due to large numbers of children not being taught common sense, and corruption stifling broad economic developments.
Scale this to each country’s economy globally!
A world stressed in unproductive drama, can learn to be productive:
Practical Method of Predicting the Future
The following provides a system that simultaneously promotes maximum Freedoms while also providing maximum Security; thus providing greatly reduced investment “risks” and generating an environment of investment and development nationally. Eliminating Gun Violence, largely by eliminating unethical treatment of individual people during their entire lives; growing without ever knowing significant abuse or neglect themselves, while knowing their own value to society.
The Political Structure in every Government globally requires an Ethics Department without direct authority outside of its own department, but one that is self-funded through documented growth of national economic development of the country; generating an environment of perceived safety for investment and promoting significant “opportunities” in generating economic cash-flows.
When a country thrives as an ethical society, then perhaps the surrounding countries will adopt a similar system to be as economically affluent, to grow economic potentials by Investors whole-heartedly acting upon significant low-risk opportunities.

How Corruption Depresses broad Economic Opportunities

Is being Opportunistic bad or unethical?

No ! Being opportunistic in an ethical environment provides for Innovation and evolving new opportunities.

What makes being opportunistic bad or unethical?

If the structure for development has little ethical consideration, then things like inadvertent social class development, virtual slavery, and environmental destruction are not considered.

What is Corruption?

Corruption is defined as
The breaking of integrity of a system.
(related to the mission of an organization)
“Unethical and/or Illegal Allocation of resources and/or opportunities”.
Society sets rules for using national/local/business resources. “Unethical/Illegal Allocation” provides special interests with unfair/criminal/unjust access to use/squander those resources.

What is Racketeering?

A group of individuals and/or corporations that choose to participate in illegal allocation.

What is Treason?

An organization Representative that willfully participates in unethical and/or illegal allocation of any organization resource and/or opportunity.
or in the case of State or Federal Representatives
An Government paid employee or authorized Representative that willfully participates in unethical and/or illegal allocation of any national resource and/or opportunity, regardless of citizen, coalition, and/or corporation controlled capacity.

What is the difference between Corruption and Being Opportunistic?

Opportunistic is a general characteristic of being human, it allows us to survive and to excel in whatever we choose to do. Corruption is the incompetent and/or criminal abuse of available opportunities.

What makes an opportunity illegal/criminal?

Society sets rules to prevent Racketeers from allocating Government and Corporation resources that would undermine the broad ethical benefits that society recognizes. Representatives commit Treason to support these criminal activities, and subvert the legal systems to protect themselves. Monopolies are illegal because the monopoly can use its influence to drive competitors out of business; reducing available opportunities. Corporations as a legal living entity killing other businesses without consequences. There are many such relationships that Society attempts to regulate so that opportunities are distributed to all peoples and corporations; with the intent of being fair and equitable. Corruption destroys this equitable distribution of opportunities.

So the “Structure” of Government and Corporations support sustainability of Corruption?

Yes, the current Government Structures worldwide depend upon “Secrecy” for pandering support based upon many issues. However, secrecy prevents those persons the Government Represents from monitoring and eliminating virtual monopolies and racketeering. Price fixing and manipulations put competitors out of business and diminish opportunities and an elite class rises. The structure forms the bases of a class system similar to slavery. Elevated opportunities become only available to a class member.
But Secrecy is valued highly by the public; forcing transparency in the Government would be fought by people trying to preserve their own privacy. The public has learned to guard their personal information to protect themselves from the Government and criminals of various kinds. Only through enforced ethical structure in Government will the people be able to share information freely.

Does the public have any privacy in reality?

Yes and No. From the Government, NO absolutely not. From civilian criminals, Yes to some degree. The National Security agency actively monitors every electronic communication we make. As a result, they know everything about us. Where we live, how much we earn, our criminal activities, who we know, our investments, everything we write on the internet, every URL that we visit…

Can the Government use the information they collect to hurt us as individuals?

Absolutely they manipulate public opinion, manipulate news availability, and worse the corporations also have access to the same information because they are manipulating our Representatives. No one in Government is going to change this collection strategy, it provides for National Security in many ways. The STRUCTURE must be changed by agreement of both the Government and the People.

Providing Ethical and Constitutional Government Data Collection

We can “change” Government data collection so it won’t hurt us as individuals, while providing Ethical Government and Corporation transparency
The following explains this in detail:
To eliminate corruption (illegal allocation) the foundations of “enforceable” ETHICS (learning common sense) must be spread AND DEVELOPED in regions with the least resistance; businesses, corporations, smaller countries.. even organized crime. For current criminal organizations to evolve their environment so they can increase significant opportunities while shedding the risks associated with their current efforts, eliminating all corruption provides them advantages associated with low risks and high profitability. Then through the resulting capacity to broadly reason, support the building of ethical environments, generate seeds to more strongly support opposition to corruption throughout the next environments least opposing to ethical rule.
Practical Method of Predicting the Future:
See Practical Method of Predicting the Future
Refer supporters to this webpage:
The following provides a detailed outline of the actions associated with principles to enforce ethical governance. This is not a plan to overthrow existing governments, but rather to provide the people with enforceable power to ensure their government representatives do NOT act corruptly (Representatives currently provide illegal allocation of national/local resources to special interests, usually contrary to national interests). Teams of people, especially ethical experts, should tear apart the enclosed proposal and address issues they identify to prevent criminals from evolving techniques to isolate and make ineffective the Ethics Department proposed; i.e. provide Continuous Improvements.
Being opportunistic is human nature. The STRUCTURE of a political system shapes the innovative use of opportunity for maximum utility. Without an effective Ethical Component within the political STRUCTURE, corruption (illegal allocation) is the tool used to provide maximum utility in support of special interests. To fight corruption, seed a change in political structure that provides for the people and the government to want the structural change; this includes activist organization STRUCTURES.
People come and go and are quite unimportant. That is why large corporations and governments are difficult to change, the STRUCTURE encourages a certain type of people to maximize utility. Kill any person, and another person just like them emerges to take their position. Change the STRUCTURE and the people change to reinforce the STRUCTURE with the characteristics needed for that STRUCTURE. Start in small countries, and grow the STRUCTURE to creep into every supporting component of Corporations, and the Government STRUCTURE will realign itself with the needs of those Corporations.
The actions of our original political Representatives were shaped by the Critical Thinking and Sustainability of honor instilled by the educational system and social awareness of that time. Critical Thinking and Sustainability Tools play no large part in our present educational nor political systems. Common Sense and Sustainability Tools should be a formal part of every class from pre-school to doctoral presentation. Instilled formally, the people would better understand how to predict consequences from any proposed action. The corrupt would die out with time and attrition; or the new generation would become ethically influential due to their opportunistic traits.
Common Sense when taught in all school systems, and especially aspects taught while in preschool and the early grades of public education, prepares each child to be resistant to statements and influence without substance; resistant to drug and alcohol abuse. These same young people are better prepared to think about their future instead of living for today.
Common Sense = Self-Esteem (sharing of useful information) + Logic & Risk Assessment + Predicting Consequences
Teaching Common Sense =
Debate (not discussion; self-esteem from practiced experience in expressing logical relationships) +
Critical Thinking (free online resources; learning the logic of language & detecting fraud in pretty statements) +
Analyzing any issue of Sustainability (any subject; learning to control the underpinning of support for desired outcomes)
See “Refereed Development” a method that combines all of the above in pleasant and productive format.
Common sense requires the self-esteem to speak and act in regard to the logical predicted outcomes from practiced experience.
Without Self-Esteem a person will defer their own assessments to those of others who may be less informed than themselves. Self-Esteem is the result of the collection of accomplishments in diverse areas where Self-Respect has been established. Self-Respect in an area of social, technical, political, criminal, constructive, destructive … skills, is ONLY acquired through teaching others something useful that the others can teach to someone else; no exceptions. Self-Respect is developed by teaching other’s something useful that comes from one’s own insights that develop related accomplishments. If relationships are not useful, others will see through the false relationships and not respect will be offered.
Arrogance is the loathing of others, and is used as a poor substitute for self-esteem. Without broad accomplishments in diverse areas providing self-respect, self-esteem is weak. Knowing this provides every individual the opportunity to systematically build self-esteem. Those with self-esteem have much to lose if involved with illegal allocation; they loose the respect of others and their self-esteem suffers.
The tools of Critical Thinking and Sustainability teaches how to predict the future. In a world without Critical Thinking and Sustainability, hard work does “not” mean a person will collect the related benefits. Slavery and racketeering are not ethical for that reason, it is devoid of Critical Thinking and Sustainability for individuals; sustainability is only relevant to the structure. In an ethical culture and political system an individual can plan out their entire lives and with reasonable certainty realize their goals.

Fighting Corruption Nationally

Administrative Corruption is fought by in-general corrupting the processes that support entrenched mafia members.  This provides the opportunity to appoint staff that are “organization mission” oriented, and with Common Sense they will restore broad passion throughout the organization in serving the mission of the organization.
Since the Declaration of Independence in every country (and the first fights against taxation without representation), technology has allowed Special Interest groups (to include Terrorist Groups, soulless Corporations, and corrupt politicians) to use the innate weaknesses of our political structure to undermine the basis for our Constitution; a modern form of racketeering, treason, and organized crime; jeopardizing national security.
The Citizens of the United States require the National Security Agency (NSA) be managed and further developed by State representation guided by their State’s Constitution, including ALL states, with diverse ethnic and cultural constituents, composed ONLY of state elected doctors of philosophy (ethics) and science (technology development) and having no affiliation with judicial nor legislative development activities, to ensure the Security of all peoples Freedoms free of Corruption, and to determine how the information collected and derived by the NSA shall best be used as it relates to our Freedoms and Security, and to “absolutely” restrict this information from any other purpose. The NSA shall have NO AUTHORITY over any investigative or enforcement personnel; but shall provide notice to individuals involved with corruption to make restitution or have evidence provided to the District Attorney for investigation and judicial processing. The Senate and Congress shall continue to provide ethical oversight of the Investigative Branches that the NSA supports (CIA, FBI, Homeland Security …) which provides INDIRECT ethical oversight of the NSA. The NSA State elected Representatives after a 2-year term return to their Universities to teach classes in ethics and technology development to cultivate the next generations of NSA Ethics Representatives.
Who are the ghosts behind the faces of our government, who continues to manipulate the world into a continuous chain of wars. A chain that has killed many millions of people, and that deters development? This is only one relationship the NSA should be informing the public about.
Preface: broad monitoring is already done by the NSA and its 12 sub-directorates (FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, NIS, …) without public representative oversight; this is unconstitutional. But by providing elected doctors of science and philosophy to expand the related technologies, AND to monitor the standards and use of information collected, then our privacy is being ethically protected by our elected Representatives (NSA Oversight Representatives).
Elected representatives both develop (collective knowledge of all related systems) and evaluate how uniform standards apply to everyone, and the uniform enforcement.
An important part of this proposal is that the NSA and its automated monitoring systems notify offenders to correct their indiscretion and monitoring to ensure compliance. Failing to do so, local authorities are provided evidence and officers and jury systems are monitored for fair processing. If officers do not act upon the indiscretion, then the total body of evidence is escalated up to the next level of authorities and related companies are notified of potential consequences. If this fails to bring about results, then the next level of authority is notified and the public is provided related information and who is in association with the illegal allocation, to include related companies, their brand names, and products. After many intermediate levels of notification and monitoring, the last level of notification is our President.
Honeywell uses a similar system for process tracking and control. Very rarely does an issue go past the first level of authority. Thereafter it is viewed as a systemic problem and issues are evaluated to include the system as well as individuals by a process improvement team.
The National Security Agency (NSA) is soley controlled by the office of the President of the United States and the people that control the Executive Branch of government. The NSA supports a large number of sub-directorates that only needs a single judge to obtain a warrant to covertly monitor any person or corporation (wire tapping, covertly breaking in to copy documents, copy by any means computer information, record in detail the habits and personal relationships of anyone, …).
Recently, a few years ago President Bush took control away from judges and even though the judge was ineffectual, any President now has absolute control over the NSA sub-directorates which include the FBI (US monitoring), CIA (international monitoring), Homeland Security, and a dozen other sub-directorates which includes the military and other focused intelligence efforts. In an ethical environment, this is not a problem; actually it is essential. When we begin to control time and space (near term), what will corruption do with those technologies; virtual slavery?
England reported that over 3 billion (USD) are illegally allocated annually, and hundreds of billions of dollars in national cash flow are indirectly depressed because of related perceived risks.
Illegal Allocation provides significant opportunities to an elite group, that is not offered to others regardless of capacity and capability.
Current NSA directorate warrants are meaningless and effectively allows the NSA centered intelligence gathering to collect information without public scrutiny, they support other directorates that are sanctioned to collect private information, while Presidential directives prevent the NSA and sub-directorates from monitoring special interest group corrupt practices and disclosing those actions to the public.
Under our current system a single judge would have to oversee thousands of covert transactions nationwide to adequately monitor national security issues, and to follow up to ensure those requests were legitimate. Further, since information collected by the NSA can be arbitrarily “classified”, the NSA can arbitrarily prevent the judge from monitoring the kinds of data collected.
The current system is not practical and therefore unethical and suffers from a lack of Critical Thinking and Sustainability, there is no reasonable way the judge would know what the NSA does with the information collected; and since the judge is controlled by the Executive Branch of Government and the related power brokers, this is highly susceptible to corrupt practices. The current system allows for shielding illegal allocation while further promoting unscrupulous special interest activities.
The “Protect America Act” is unconstitutional. But a “simple change” to provide “REPRESENTATION by all States” in the covert collection and processing of data would make the Act Constitutionally sound.
The NSA must be managed and developed by doctors of science (one parallel position for each State elected political representative; but with no affiliation) to evaluate all data collected and eliminate the useless requirement of warrant by a judge (presently coerced into signing off on any NSA warrant presented before them); and to require the NSA to monitor for corrupt political practices (terrorist activities, criminal activities, political practices that endanger National Security, …), with the mandate to notify the offending parties quietly to correct their behavior, only then after they have failed to correct their actions adequately, their actions are published on a NSA publicly available website where authorities would take action with the evidence provided.
We the people would then boycott corrupt representatives and their supporting corporations. The associated District Attorney would be notified, and be given the details to substantiate investigation. The District Attorney would then fully investigate and prosecute in accordance with the law. The NSA would at no time directly intervene, thereby limiting their power to nudging our political system away from corrupt activities.

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