Non-Profits Receiving Guidepost Donations

Professional Acumen is not the only cause worthy of support.  With due discretion, these are the organizations Guidepost financially contributes support.

For Non-Profit organization accounting, “Indirect” is that portion of donations that are used for the building lease, administration salaries, and all other expense accounts not directly serving the organization mission.  Almost all non-profits are either health or education related.

Guidepost chooses to donate to organizations with the least “indirect” funding; which means a greater part of what is donated, serves the end purpose being supported.

  • Taco Bell Foundation – Live Mas Scholarship
    • Taco Bell funds 100% of administration costs
      • Organizations supported by Taco Bell Foundation do have indirect admin costs of around 20% or less; this is typical for a legitimate non-profit
      • Universities typically charge about 50% indirect to help fund other university interests different than the purpose of the grant
    • $3 million distributed for scholarships
    • Mission supports student “Innovation” interests
      • Project teams indirectly build a portion of Professional Acumen