Dismantle Corruption

Methods & Process Structure to Identify and Eliminate Sustained Administrative Corruption

Corruption organizes to abuse organization resources.

Most often, corruption gets started when a manager recruits an informal mafia to entrench themselves into a position.  They know they do not have the skills to retain their position, and they have no intent to train themselves in the related needed areas. Their interest relates to the feedback they get from manipulating the system and the rewards they cultivate for themselves, not from the success in supporting the company mission. So they use collusion to reward loyalty instead of competence.

These administrative mafia leaders focus their energies on political pandering, more than broadly growing support for the mission of the organization.

They will focus on one small area to create perceived worth for themselves, to advance into higher levels of management. Spreading their strangle hold over company assets.

Corruption in organizations is the unethical and/or illegal allocation of resources and/or opportunities.

This most often is allowed, because upper level management has been manipulated into thinking that the difficulties the company is having is being managed by the person who is actually causing the company problems with internal corruption.  Mafia leadership take credit for subordinate works, and cycle through hiring and forcing out competent subordinates to keep a fresh supply of credit pointing to themselves, and getting rid of the people the credit should actually be attributed.

They know they will otherwise be replaced because they are not adequately serving the mission of the organization.  These people are often easily identified through their Arrogance.  They have no intention to teach anyone anything useful.  They play the politics of doing so, but if looked at carefully, they do not share actual respect with anyone.

These sustained acts to reward loyalty instead of competence, kills the passion to serve the company mission; throughout the entire organization under them.  Those without Common Sense become mindless soldiers oppressing and over-working the competent.  The competent find other opportunities and the incompetent remain. The incompetent intentionally recruited into management positions because they are easily micro-managed. To unconditionally enforce mafia directives. To abuse the competent.

The company mission suffers.  Often companies with corrupt administration are eventually liquidated because of poor management.  The owners and board of directors are ultimately responsible for the killing of the company, because they did not know how to recognize and convert administrative corruption, into passionate mission serving management.


Contact us to obtain services to assist in providing administrative process structure, to convert entrenched corruption into a passionate company mission-serving corporate culture; i.e. greater productivity for less money.

Developments relate to the specific needs of companies, schools, institutions, government offices, police departments, service organizations…   All requiring unique applications specific to how they do business from day to day, and the different types of risks they manage.


The funds received for all products sold are spent in broadly promoting the teaching of common sense globally, and to provide tools to convert corruption into passionate support of organization mission. If you have skills you would like to offer for this purpose, please contact us.

Common Sense is directly related to earning Respect

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