Why is Common Sense Important?
These are the skills needed to consistently earn Respect

Learn how to teach Common Sense
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Innate Sense is the problem solving capacity of an isolated individual.  Common Sense is the problem solving capacity of a social individual; working with others.

Consistently expressing Common Sense is critical to develop and maintain technology; almost everything manufactured.

We learn to consistently express common sense through a diversity of audited and mentored experiences. Most commonly from our parents and many thousands of learning events during childhood, and continuing into our adult life for over 20 years.

Common Sense can obviously be taught, but how can the process be accelerated so it can be usefully taught in a shorter time in schools, in the workplace, and at home?.

Students unable to consistently express common sense are unable to anticipate actions that permanently destroy their future; addictions, brain damage, labelled with distrust and shunned.

Groups not understanding the foundations of Common Sense, and related shared Respect; unwillingly allow Corruption to infiltrate and destroy group passion in serving Group purposes.

Members of Organizations who do not understand the foundations of Common Sense cannot recognize Corruption, and their related opportunities are stolen from them; they feel powerless and allow for sustained harm to the organization.

Corruption always stifles organization growth.

“Common Sense” is group based learning & sharing of social, emotional, and logical skills used to identify and fill gaps in consequences, to achieve group goals; resulting in consistently earning and sharing trust, and related conveyed respect.

“Innate Problem Solving Capacity” describes a person, administration structure, artificial intelligence, dog, octopus, ant or other system that intentionally evolves useful outcomes from previous conditions; Innate Sense.  This is the non-social  problem solving capacity of an isolated person or other intellect.

People are socially cultivated before we are even born.  So it is difficult to understand what portion of outcomes is due to Innate Sense, or Common Sense.

Innate Sense depends solely on the underlying systems supporting the nervous system to support problem solving; the health of our brain.  Nothing is more important to an individual’s future.   A damaged brain makes life far more difficult.

Brain Damaged people from drug abuse often become homeless.  Because the brain is damaged, consistently expressing Common Sense is difficult, and perhaps impossible.  Respect is not conveyed to the homeless related to job opportunities for rational reason.  They have earned the distrust of their family and friends who are not homeless.

The brain is easily damaged. Children need to understand that they need to consistently, without lapse, protect their own brain, and to be taught how that is done, and audited by their mentors.

Schools in-general and Employers in the workplace, do NOT understand how common sense is mutually related  in useful social understandings.

Schools ignorant of how to teach children the needed skills of Common Sense, have children that develop unnoticed self-deception, that prevents  them from recognizing and pursuing needed priorities.

Children practice acts of Avoidance based in self-deception, related to useful outcomes, reinforced lack of Commitment.  While practiced acts of Commitment based in self-deception related to useless outcomes, reinforces lack of Avoidance,  The key word here is Self-Deception.  Children trained to recognize self-deception engage useful outcomes intentionally.

Homework is not so important to learn what is taught, so much as to have ingrained in their brain “How to Learn and Apply”; the foundations of Research and Development.  Reinforced (Audited and Mentored) learning of diverse subjects contributes to thinking without self-deception. Relating measurable outcomes to diversely applied efforts.

Children without developed skills in Common Sense are lured into drug addictions that permanently damages their brain and prevents being able to earn respect; their Innate Sense damaged.

No human brain is physically identical.  The brain grows and perishes, builds new tissues, and tissues are metabolized, neural pathways form, and others perish.  The brain evolves through diverse pathways.  Some evolve to better support useful outcomes, some evolve to support different outcomes, and some suffer or perish if they fail to usefully evolve recurrence.  The brain physically changes to learn, and evolve what already is learned to promote more useful outcomes.  Trial and Error.  We learn from our mistakes.

Common Sense can be taught.  As examples, people with Obsessive-Compulsive disorder (OCD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can be taught to have more control in their lives.

Our brain learns from reinforcement.  “Conditioned Response” activates learned behaviors.  Boredom and Useless Outcomes are key indicators of Avoidance.

People with OCD and ADHD often repeat self-destructive habits.  Self-destructive habits also include avoidance of useful behaviors, like Superstition.  A feeling that something bad might happen if something useless is not repeated.  Too much is better than just enough.  The inflicted are usually intelligent and know the habits are self-destructive.  To a lesser degree, most people engage in these self-destructive habits.

Reprogramming Avoidance behaviors to Engagement behaviors.  Superstition is strongly related to dysfunctional Avoidance behaviors; initiating well known easy acts instead of using less practiced, but more productive skills.

Make a list of 10 useful activities for the next day; each activity should be broken down into acts that can reasonably be completed.  Prioritize based on critical needs deadlines.  During the next day, whenever a destructive habit is noticed, mark what you were doing on a Post-It to mark where you left off.  Immediately engage  something on the list that needed to get done.  Repeat until activities are completed.

There should only be at most 10 Post-Its, today’s activities.  Other activities are deferred to tomorrow’s list.

What is important is to recognize a destructive behavior like Avoidance due to Superstition, or Avoidance due to the mind wandering, and immediately engage a confined package of useful acts.  Getting things done everyday.

People with ADHD when reading is disrupted by daydreaming, can make a tally mark on the Post-It whenever they catch themselves daydreaming and go back to reading.  Over time, the mind notices the marks and more reading is done and less daydreaming.

“Innate Problem Solving Capacity” develops upon the supporting physical systems; for humans, dominantly our brain.  Through diverse physical interactions our probability of success in achieving desired useful outcomes grows.  Identifying gaps of knowledge leading to undesired consequences is extraordinarily difficult using only Innate Sense, without social interactions.

Common Sense is a set of mutually consistent relationships that allows problem solving skills of many people to interact in a way that benefits everyone.  A larger diversity of efforts is accomplished than what could be accomplished individually.

Common Sense when taught, reinforces evolving Engagement.  Filling gaps in what we don’t know.  Reducing risks related to losses.

To realize the importance of Common Sense, look at anything you purchased, and realistically assess how long it would take, for you to build one item from scratch without the resources or help of any other person.

Common Sense are the skills we develop, to consistently earn conveyed trust, in our ability to usefully contribute towards useful outcomes.

People at the very core of all their thoughts, are fundamentally self-serving. Neither good nor bad, just human nature.  Common Sense allows us to attain altruistic outcomes that benefit others, as well as ourselves.

When we attempt to deceive, we earn distrust.  The “socially self-serving” (those without the ability to interact with Common Sense) destroy systems of developed trust, destroys the ability to build as a team, and destroys security for life itself.  Overall useful development stagnates, for the socially self-serving and those around them.  The socially self-serving have a narrow vision that does not grow exponentially.

Organization Board Members are at times selected for their loyalty to a recognized authoritarian figure, a person who could intentionally harm them.  A Hobby Club mentality.  As such, the Board Members are selected for their incompetent quiet micromanaged nature.  They stagnate professional organization development.   Where competent Board Members would otherwise originate diverse and broadly considered seeds of professional growth; that would broadly benefit everyone.

Highly developed skills of Common Sense can elude the highest levels of administration.  So it is no wonder that development of Common Sense skills is not well practiced everywhere.

Common Sense allows altruistic tendencies to emerge.  Those better skilled in consistently expressing Common Sense, build security for themselves, family, coworkers, everyone; to include those not yet born.

Science is approaching the capability of manipulating space/time physics through quantum computers entangled with local relativity.  Will complacency in the broad teaching of common sense allow for the corrupt to limit humanity narrowly, and destroy humanity broadly?

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