How Professional Acumen is usually learned

How Professional Acumen is Usually Learned

Everyone has some common sense.  A baby learns quickly how to get fed on demand.  However adults must:

  • “choose wisely”, “to research and teach themselves the most USEFUL path to achieve and sustain a desired quality of life for themselves, their family, friends, community, and coworkers
    • adults are required to reasonably predict the future
    • predicting the future provides Access to Opportunities
    • children learn by many thousands of parent interactions over 20 years, what to expect in diverse situations
      • none of us learn what to expect in all situations
      • many are not so fortunate to have mentored training
        • many become victims of brain damage before they learn the skills to reasonably predict future consequences, and determine what paths they must follow to create their future
  • choose paths that build resources in support of being able to take new pathways that require more resources, to participate with reasonable certainty
    • resources might be knowledge related to being broadly prepared while backpacking, …or starting a business
  • choose pathways that provide support in acquiring access to new significant low-risk opportunities throughout life and build goals to be sustained for life
  • set priorities and follow them, despite the efforts of those unworthy of respect, those who corrupt useful development through waste, fraud, and abuse of other people’s developed resources; destroying the development of significant low-risk opportunities; leaving high risks and insignificant opportunities for their family, friends, coworkers, and community to suffer
  • become an individual, and to have useful influence within family, work, and community
  • actively and consistently share respect, and development of opportunities and related additional access to under-utilized resources, with those who have proven themselves worthy of respect; those trusted to accurately represent themselves and their skills, i.e. those with Self-Respect.

The addict destroys their own brain, and destroys the brains of others by pushing people into addiction (brain damage).  Addiction causes large gaps in common sense.  More than half of all prison inmates used marijuana before getting caught.  Drug-use prevents adequately predicting consequences; and therefore causes high risks for anyone associated with them related to career plans.