Opportunities are shared, not taken, and not given.
Access to resources controlled cannot reasonably be given, that is an act of impulse; thoughtless and full of un-managed risk.
People that attempt to take opportunities, rely only upon engaging opportunities with their own skills and resources.  They solely incur all related risks, an act that unreasonably risks already acquired control over resources and opportunities.
Significant controlled opportunities to use under-utilized resources, are considered to be shared; for the purpose of creating additional under-utilized resources to engage a greater number of opportunities. Sharing opportunities with people and organizations worthy of earned Respect. Distributing risks to sustain continued development of new overall group resources and opportunities; the group growing in both assets and influence while minimizing individual risks.
A person earns Respect by learning to accurately relate the level of confidence associated with interacting with their groups; all of them. Learning relationships in one group usually in-part benefits all groups. This is the purpose of Self-Respect, to skillfully use voice inflections and body language to accurately communicate confidence in expressing related skills to benefit the group. Allowing team members to fill the gaps in areas of weak confidence.
This is why it is critical that each person in a useful group, take the initiative to continuously learn new skills and information; to lessen the risks in developing new resources and opportunities.
A person’s self-respect accurately convey’s the level of confidence in manipulating relationships of all manner and kind.  A person without developed skills in Self-Respect mis-guides those around them with false assessments of risks; causing other group members to act with an inappropriate level of readiness.

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