Business Structure Development

Contact Guidepost if you or your organization would like to introduce structure into your operation documents, to eliminate sustained corruption, and to incorporate a corporate culture of passion.
Business is the exchange of value based on shared trust.
Sustained revenue streams are developed through trusting relationships where useful information is consistently developed and mutually shared.  Resulting in sustained greater beneficial outcomes for those served.  Allowing those served to consistently build additional resources.
The resources developed here are based upon a large volume of developed mutually consistent relationships, most of which are not published here.  Only the useful copyright protected Application Tools are provided on this website.  The underlying perspectives and relationships for those tools, and customized tools, are hidden to provide the need for engaging financially, so that additional resources can be grown.
An Affiliate, is paid through any of the following:

  • membership fee
    • Certification
      • Educator, Product Developer, Administrator
    • Franchise
      • Marketing products and services locally to their region, or in the community where they live
      • Franchise owner keeps a larger portion of the commission that otherwise would be paid to
      • Franchise owner hires staff to provide related services
      • Franchise owner recieves product updates and access to additional resources they can use to grow their business
  • commission
    • Affiliate referred Product Sales
      • These are people and companies that market and resale other people’s products and services
      • Products
        • 50% of each qualified sale is paid to the referrer
        • an additional 25% is paid to the referrer for each sale their recruited staff sells
          • recruited staff are paid 50% of each sale
          • a total of 75% in commission is paid on each qualified sale made by referrer recruited staff
        • though 50% commission is attractive, efforts to recruit staff to market products is expected to be much more profitable for the affiliate
    • Affiliate referred Services
      • 10% is paid to the Referrer as a finder’s fee
      • Due to the labor intensive efforts in providing services, a much larger portion of customer payment goes directly to overhead and costs incurred by

As such, the development of resources for a specific need is likely best approached through coordinated development.  Affiliates can create enterprise focused on one or more areas of global needs.
A person or a company can use the tools provided at to build business relationships with potential customers.
Examples of broad need and opportunities to use tools:

  • Corporations
    • Building Passion into the Structure of the Corporation
      • Articles of Incorporation
      • Bylaws
      • Operations Manual development
      • Personnel Evaluations and related HR Policies
    • Tools for developing Administrative Process Improvements
      • Being able to recognize administrative corruption
      • Being able to structure corruption conversion processes to better serve the mission of the corporation
    • Policy restructuring for Building Passion into Corporate Culture
      • supporting sustained building of additional resources with fewer resources; i.e. growth
      • providing the structure needed to convert administrative corruption into passionate corporation mission-centered sustained development
        • efficient use of resources to build additional resources
    • The administrative structure of corporations is linked to dissolution of the corporation, and protections by the Corporation for its staff can be revoked if they significantly violate its Articles of Incorporation
      • The Corporation has an established Corporation-wide mandated mission
      • Dissolution can be for significant violations of the Articles of Incorporation, to include legal violations such as fraud, criminal negligence, racketeering…
      • Stipulations for structuring Bylaws and the Operations Manual entries are frequently governed within the Articles of Incorporation
      • Because the Articles of Incorporation is held by the State, legal proceedings and significant Corporate membership is required to make changes
      • Often times Attorneys craft Articles of Incorporation with no knowledge of how to structure the needs of the business to prevent corruption from wasting corporation revenue
  • Companies
    • Legally and administratively different than Corporations
      • The Company has a Company Charter
        • Companies are in-general only governed by licensing requirements and not engaging in criminal activity
      • There is very little legal connection requiring conformity for a company-wide mandated mission
  • Individuals
    • Educational Materials for Teachers
      • Student group activities to Teach Professional Acumen
    • Attorneys
      • The foundations to understand how to sculpt legal documents in support of building passion into businesses
        • being paid to modify company administrative documents to

Many people and organizations are needed to spread the conversion of corrupt systems into mission-centered revenue generating organizations that cultivate additional resources and opportunities through efficient and broadly considered use from staff passion in serving their mission.