Empire Building vs Teams

Question: In practical terms, how can the next generations of technology be safely implemented without causing humanity to be extinguished, or enslaved by the oppressive?

Answer: Teach Professional Acumen globally, and Eliminate All Corruption while maximizing both Freedoms & Security.  Currently, governments give up security to have freedoms; or take Freedoms to have more security.

The purpose of this website as a Guide Post, is to share how to Teach Professional Acumen, to Eliminate ALL Corruption, and to share a few of the beginnings of next generation technologies.

Peace versus Empires

Historically, with the advent of new technology there are those who are brilliant but profoundly destructive.  Genghis Khan used tactics for mounted archers, who shot from the saddle during a full gallop. Mongols could shoot while facing backward, or while hanging from one side of their saddle, using their armored horse as a shield. Simple technology, and complex understanding of social, emotional, and logical relationships; Genghis Khan is responsible for killing over 40 million people.  Unique?  …. No.  World War I and then II, European Colonization of the Americas ,,, about 38 wars have each killed from 1 to 138 million people.

List of major wars managed by one or a few people:
How technology becomes a catalyst (tool) of the corrupt:

What are the relationships that initiate and sustain war, and is there hope that with extreme technologies becoming common place that we do not destroy ourselves, or our ability to sustain ourselves and the things that give life value?

Historically in agrarian societies, war, social unrest, and documented killings are rare; but agrarian societies are unable to effectively protect themselves.

Since around 1920, Bankers and Lawyers identify exclusively as a particular group (Empire) to automatically create a sense of rivalry and enmity with farmers.  Bankers and Lawyers create taxes, the farmer suffers, takes loans, fails to be able to pay one of the loans when crops fail, Bankers and Lawyers purchase the land for pennies on the dollar for what the land is worth. Cultural conflict; peace versus empires. Humanity suffers from waste, fraud, and abuse and little to no broad ethical consideration.

Agrarian societies are abused, not abusers in the sharing of respect.  However, Agrarian societies do NOT develop new technologies in-general.

Both Agrarian and Empire societies cause ecological disasters (population expansion only balanced by disease and limiting of resources).  Both have qualities needed by society, but are separately incomplete in being able to provide for a sustainable future.

Empire Building in traditional societies is considered to be founded in corruption.

Incompetent management provides access to leadership opportunities based on loyalty rather than competence.  The incompetent junior leadership know their retention is strictly based upon being a “sacrificial Yes person” and not competence. The purpose is to utilize company resources dedicated in support of personal agenda, most often creating a clique that does less while overworking the non-clique personnel; a system supporting injustice.  This is an administrative mafia and it severely harms company value. The persons feeling passion for their work create new innovations (new product, process improvements, cultivate new sales…), but mafia do not allocate rewards to anyone but themselves unless they absolutely are forced to. Those with passion become frustrated and either become non-productive or leave.  More management is required (top heavy) because the corruptly employed managers waste resources and opportunities.  The organization value is diminished.

Ethical empire-like structures that are not corrupt are called Teams. But, unless due-diligence is used to prevent corruption from creeping into a Team, then accumulating broad benefit to all suffers.  The number of “productive” Team principals dwindle as personnel become arrogant and feel entrenched to create an Empire.

Providing for a Sustainable Future

Both Agrarian and Empire social structures have beneficial and detrimental characteristics. So how do we cultivate the beneficial and extinguish the detrimental?

The answer is in learning the Foundations of Professional Acumen and to Teach Professional Acumen broadly throughout all societies, and provide for an ethical monitoring system to Eliminate All Corruption internationally; maximizing both freedoms and security.

Professional Acumen allows a person to broadly understand the relationships that provide passion for themselves and others, and eliminating corruption allows a person’s passion to generate equitable rewards for themselves and others; which most often means supporting their family, sharing respect within the family, additional significant resources become accessible, broad new significant opportunities are created, and an extended environment the community is proud to live within is created.

Anti-corruption is created by a simple change in the structure of every Government. The branch that broadly monitors all communications (National Security Agency) becomes managed and further developed by doctors of science and philosophy from the universities of every state; but without direct influence on enforcement.

Features of social, emotional, and logical relationships that support and inspire Team Building can be made equally available to all, such that corruption does not occur.
Before tools to manipulate space and time physics evolves, we must evolve the means to exclude the destructive behaviors of both empires (wasteful and destructive) and agrarian-like (lacking drive to anticipate and prepare for the future), to produce both maximized freedoms and maximized security.

Technology as a Catalyst (tool)

While, technology in agrarian societies has been a catalyst in the demise of small farming family “support” structures, by enabling Empire Building.  Where the drive for one farmer of 10,000 acres to produce more for less, destroys the life supporting employment of over 1,000 small 40 acre farming families due to market depression.

These large acreage Empires evolved from within Agrarian societies through adaptation (learning to develop and use new technologies) and in the process learning to protect themselves.  Small farming families do not share the same needs of large farmers and are isolated.  Small farming families are disbanded to seek alternate support for their families.  Their children are pushed out of agrarian cultures into urban expectations and related empire related socially induced crime.  A group without parents capable of guiding their children towards significant opportunities.

Corruption acts quickly on opportunities to obtain access, become entrenched, and eliminate fair access to others; Empire Building.  One method to help stop the creep of corruption into an organization is to provide a mandatory time-delay on any significant action to allow organization membership to have enough time to evaluate the complex relationships and needs of the organization and its members; which also includes to some degree the needs of everyone else.

Technology itself, like money, is not the foundation of corruption; the foundation of corruption lays in a lack of skills in expressing common sense.

Professional Acumen is NOT taught in public schools, so many physicians cannot do a competent medical diagnosis; physician peer group expectations for demonstrated competent common sense.  The same with engineers, lawyers, and every other profession.  Without learning Professional Acumen, society suffers from drastically diminished leveraging of underused resources to create increasing numbers of significant new opportunities.

Empire Beneficial Qualities

War, or in organizations Empire Building, provides a community specific to a group to create purpose that promotes a sense of honor to internalize the need for discipline, courage, unselfishness and self-sacrifice (i.e. passion), often skewed by the self-service to increase wealth, status and power.  Specifically excluded is the personal contribution to the building of value of the organization; only personal value to leadership is promoted. War is strongly related to group identity; us versus them, and taking what they have to secure our own strength.  For the Empire leadership to grow in dominance and wealth, and the soldiers to just maintain their lifestyle (protecting the status quo of family and country; not improving), and everyone else to suffer (not have access to resources to develop additional opportunities for the organization).

Empires stagnate, become top heavy and inefficient, and ultimately die due to aging of principals and the building of other empires more adept in control.  The organization with empires embedded within its structure, as a whole continuously suffers from a lack of diversity and efficiency in using under-utilized resources in support of creating a greater number of significant resources and opportunities (organization value). Empires produce a continuous cycle of inefficiencies that suppress value of the organization.  So how can the cycle be broken, while maintaining the significantly useful characteristics of Empires? Passion, is highly related to promoting organization value; while Empires acquire developments of others to get credit for their personal gain (making the incompetent look good, but cause those actually responsible for developments to lose passion and become unproductive or leave. Empires passionately build protection mechanisms to entrench their control; whether by verbal and/or written contracts, weapons, strategic alliances…

Learn to Teach Professional Acumen

Professional Acumen exposes critical relationships in play by Empires, and allows for greater productivity in contributing to organization value instead of leadership corruption. But the first point to consider is that corruption starts at some high level within administration and trickles down; usually a partnership between three or more administrators that use their policy making influence to buttress resistance to change.  If the CEO wants to fight internal corruption, then look at who has held positions the longest with the least productivity compared to other organizations; and move them into other positions without access to the same personnel, and evaluate those above and below for Yes-Men qualities and retrain them with Professional Acumen, or if they are resistant then eliminate them from their positions.

Agrarian Beneficial Qualities

In agrarian societies each person is valued for the contributions in sustaining the community, and value and respect is placed in being self sufficient; building an excess to share so everyone benefits.

However, agrarian values tend to evolve complacency instead of passion.  There are no structural mechanisms to develop diverse defense mechanisms.

How are agrarian values grown within organizations to reap sustained growth and support of all its members?  Agrarian societies value consistent contributions, to build organization value.  How is the war-like mentality “Empire Building” excluded from evolving within any organization, while still promoting passion and defense mechanisms?

Learn to Teach Professional Acumen

Professional Acumen exposes how the lack of passion suppresses the building of defense mechanisms.

Eliminating Corruption

Technology is a catalyst used by Empire Building to unethically allocate resources and opportunities for personal gain, by sharing personal gain with those loyal to the management of unethical acts.  Empires fight each other for superiority where a few dominantly benefit at the social expense of the masses.
Governments (Empires) attempt to balance the number of embedded empires with the broad benefit to the masses, by balancing social structures of the legal system and enforcement, to balance security and freedom.  Never having maximum security, and never having maximum freedom.  The Government structures everywhere (Constitutions, legal contracts, positions within Governments….) presently promote a balance between local empires and broad agrarian community concepts.
However, compromise between Security and Freedoms need not be mutually limiting.  A simple change in a government structure can both maximize Security AND maximize Freedoms.  Not limiting one to have the other.


By having every major university in a country provide and support public elected doctors of science (technologies and ethics) and philosophy (critical thinking and ethics) to monitor and manage their National Security Agency (The NSA monitors everything).

These doctors determine the constraints about how collected information is used (a large jury of peers), the Constitution of each state guides their perspectives, the sovernty of each state is upheld and people can do whatever they want and pay restitution for any damage they cause without fear of incarceration.  While all persons participating in corruption are notified to allow them to correct their involvement, and if not corrected they are reported to local authorities for formal investigation.  At no time does the NSA have any direct control over any enforcement agency nor the media.


What are the foundations for a society that is able to manipulate space/time, safely?  Manipulation of space/time feasibly provides the tools to perpetually fuel our Sun, or evaporate the Earth and all its inhabitants.  There are no second chances; unless be start cloning universes; but there are a great number of opportunities to destroy ourselves before being able to work with space/time manipulation safely.



Provided within these pages are the relationships needed to broadly relate corruption and common sense; while also providing the foundation for sustained growth of national economic development; and where implemented broadly, global economic development.

========= Implementing Professional Acumen =========

Developing anything requires some skill in Project Management. Implementing project management depends upon Efficient Learning Skills; that are assisted by Research Tips & Tricks. To be a valuable part of a group to usefully choose information and skills to learn and share with the group requires Professional Acumen. To prevent others who want to abuse group resources for their own agendas, skills related to Recognizing Corruption are required; and subsequently what to do to prevent Sustained Corruption.
Growth of group power and influence requires developing a powerful mutually sustaining group.  Where member weaknesses are recognized without condescension (Arrogance) nor self-deceit (lack of Self-Respect) and the group together prevents significant harm to the group; all members have weaknesses.  Together the group determines a reasonable set of goals, and each member teaches themselves additional skills to support achieving those goals. Demonstrated success creates a reputation of perceived trust in the group and its members.  A bad reputation of an individual affects the reputation of the group.  So perceived value of the group depends upon training the individual members.

Other persons or groups with control over under-utilized resources, tend to offer access to those resources where there is trust additional under-utilized resources can be developed more than they currently control.  The group must be able to show evidence of being a low-risk significant resource for development.

During development, others outside the group who appear to be worthy of Access to Opportunities to earn respect, are provided an opportunity to teach themselves related to a low-risk low-value project benefiting the group. Failure does not significantly harm the group; depending on many factors the person may be trained or excluded from the group. Success means providing the person a higher risk but more significant opportunity to develop. The person learns to mitigate higher risks, by sharing risks with others in the group (mentoring). As a result, a long string of successes benefits both the group and each individual.

A person without Professional Acumen, cannot usefully participate in development, so they are either used a placeholders to implement some form of control, or they are taught to “consistently” express Professional Acumen so they can learn to become a useful part of developments.